Tone F Pony
(formerly Max Puorro)

Tone F Pony
(formerly Max Puorro)


A few oddkin, all sensitized and soft, wade and wobble through a place where edges are warbling into vibrations. Urges and desires surge through them causing uproars of unnamed emotions. They drink the soup with scary, banal, goofy and delightful flavors and find space to pass through confusions and to tune into subtle tremblings. 

A walk through Anita-Berber-Park with shifting guides, gestures, dancing objects, wind instruments, electronic sounds, tuning forks

Directed by Eddy Levin and Max Puorro
Performed by Alice Dalgalrrondo, An*dre Neely, Anouk Thériault, FIREWITCH, Kiana Rezvani, Eddy Levin, Eri Qubo, Lara Anais Martinez Wiesselmann, Max Puorro, Ohrkid, Noah Lichtblau
Live Music by Moldypark
Costume and Set by Max Puorro
Sound Design by Eddy Levin
Soundtrack including Moldypark and Jim McGrath

Anita-Berber-Park, Berlin July, 2019